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iteraplan 6.0

Saved queries & changed or deleted custom attributes

If a saved query (list or visualization) relies on an custom attribute, a name change or deletion of this attribute may render the saved query unusable. The custom attribute maybe part of a filter query or part of the diagram configuration.

iteraplan 5.5

Logout when using iteraplan in an SSO configuration

Instead of immediately being logged in again, a login screen is shown. Attempts to log in from that screen may not work.


Simply access the iteraplan base URL (for example - without additional path or parameters) to be logged in again automatically.

iteraplan 5.4

Problem with "Saved Queries" and Graphics Reactor (fixed in 5.5)

Executing a XSLT script with "Saved Queries" configured via the iteraplan Graphics Reactor is not possible with version 5.4 of iteraplan.

Error Message:
de.iteratec.iteraplan.common.error.IteraplanTechnicalException: The saved query contains illegal data or you do not possess the required permissions for all contained Buildingblocks or Attributes


With version 5.5. of iteraplan this problem will be fixed. At the moment, there is no service release.


New Client: Distrigation Feature in Landscape Diagram not working (fixed in 5.5)

When activating a hierarchy filter in the Landscape Diagram, the elements are correctly filtered by the level of hierarchy but the super and subelements are not distributed / aggregated (Distrigation feature).

There is currently no know workaround.

iteraplan 5.3

New Client: Filtering according to "Superordinate" or "Specialised" not working (fixed in 5.4)

When using the filter function in the New Client, filtering according to self relations to Superordinate elements (available with almost all bulding block types) or filtering according to Specialised elements (available with the Business Objects) has no effect. No error is shown.

There is currently no known workaround. 

Plugin API and History (fixed in 5.4)

Changes written to the database by plugins, using iteraplan's new plugin API, currently don't cause entries to the history data of building blocks, even if history functionality is activated.

There is currently no known workaround.

Plugin API and full text search (fixed in 5.4)

Changes written to the database by plugins, using iteraplan's new plugin API, currently don't update the search index in iteraplan. This means that after such changes the full text search may not return correct results.


  • Use the option to re-create the search index in Administration->Configuration if a full text search doesn't return expected results
  • Use the query masks in spreadsheet reports or overview pages for searching elements.

iteraplan 5.1

Oracle 12c support

When using Oracle 12c as database the bug fix / patch No. 18430870 must be applied to Oracle 12c. Without the patch iteraplan will not work correctly.

See the installation prerequesites in the Installation Guide for details about the supported configurations.


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