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iteraplan is a simple, flexible IT landscape management tool provided by iteratec GmbH. The tool uses the iteratec IT landscape management method, which is based on the iteratec best-practice enterprise architecture. With its extensive analysis capabilities and diagram reports, iteraplan provides configurable views of the landscape data which can be used by the various stakeholders for documenting, analysing and planning the IT landscape.

Here you can see an overview of all available documentation for iteraplan 5.1, which is the major version released end of October 2015.

Installation Guide

Installation Guide describes how to install and run iteraplan 5.1 and the light-weight identity management system iTURM.

User Guide

User Guide illustrates the use of functions for working with the elements of the given enterprise architecture and for generating reports.


FAQs summarize all frequently upcoming questions as well as further tips and tricks concerning iteraplan 5.1.


Here you can download the Installation Guide and User Guide for version 5.1.


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