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Create Element

The "Create element" button on the top of the list leads you to the following view with a highlighted row in the first line.

By double clicking on a cell, an edit box will pop up. Entering value in the "Name" column is required for adding a new entry to the list. If the entered data is valid, the bottom of the cell appears to be blue, otherwise red.

To add the new entry to the list, confirm the entered data in the "Actions" column.

The row is now added and automatically sorted within the list. 

Edit Rows

To edit a specific row double click in a cell or use the pencil icon, which appears on the right side of a cell on moving the mouse pointer over the cell. Again, the line at the bottom of the edit box shows the validation of your entered data.

Edit Description

The Description column allows multi line edit as seen below.


You can use wiki syntax inside the description and other multi-line text fields. At the moment only a subset of the XWiki-syntax can be used. This will be improved in future releases.


Edit Dates

Properties which contain dates can be edited either manually or with a date picker. To choose a date in the date picker click on the calendar icon. which is left of the edit cell.

Edit Boolean

Yes/no properties are editable with a switch.


Edit columns with fixed value names

Columns with fixed value names (e.g. enum properties or relationships) are shown as deletable items. To add a new item click below the listing ("Add..") and choose the item or use the auto completion to search for an item to add. 


Edit business mappings

Business mappings are only editable in the List "Business Mappings" and not in the lists of related elements.


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