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In the new Interactive Client two separate features from the Classic Client are merged into the List View: The Spreadsheet Reports and the Building Block Lists.

 Classic ClientInteractive ClientRemarks
GeneralIn multi-line text fields like Description the XWiki syntax might be usedCurrently only a sub set of the XWiki syntax is supportedWill be improved in future releases
Spreadsheet ReportsReport for objects of typeSelect the appropriate tile in the start screen 
Saved queriesUse the Saved Query screen to find and load saved queriesThe report type is List, the building block type is shown at Content

Properties of the queried <element>

Rework query results
Use the new Filter dialog 
Selection of Output type
Simple list

List of results is directly shown
Use the Export button
XML as result type is no longer supported 

Additional columns might be added as desired
Reset filteringUse [X] in the top right corner of the filter dialog 
Save query & Save query as...Use Save and Save as on top of the screen 
Simple List: Start downloadUse the Export button 
Building Block ListsFull-text searchQuick search next to the Filter button 
QueriesUse the new Filter dialog 
Filter by saved queryUse the Saved Query screen to find and load saved queries 
Reset and show all

Reset View button on the top of the page

Add column
Add column field 
Tree ViewFeature currently not availableWill be added in future releases
Start downloadUse the Export button 

Hierarchical name column

This column is no longer available. Please use the parent column instead 


Edit in the table cells directly 


Feature currently not availableWill be added in future releases
Delete-ActionDelete-icon in the action column on the right 
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