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The single element view page shows all information of a building block. It is available for all building block types. The page is accessible from the List view page by clicking on the Name column of an element in the list.

  1. Clickable column

UI Reference

  1. Reset view of the page
  2. Change language
  3. Show page in Classic Client
  4. Back to Parent List View
  5. Single element name
  6. System attributes of the element
  7. Top level user-defined attribute(s)
  8. "All" tab with Attributes, Relations views
  9. "Attributes" view tab 
  10. "Relations" view tab
  11. Attributes of the element structured in attribute groups accordingly
  12. Relations of the element
  13. Information about last modification User and Time


The name of the building block is displayed at the top of a page. Description, status and productive period properties (if present) are displayed below the name. The remaining information is grouped into tabs: All, Attributes, Self-Relations, Relations, History.

The All tab contains the information from all other tabs. Tabs are selected by clicking on their titles. If one tab has no content to show, it will not be displayed.


The attributes section displays all the attributes structured in Attribute groups, which are assigned to building block.

Self-Relations and Relations

Information about the related building blocks is grouped into corresponding relation-type sections. Sections can be collapsed/expanded by clicking on their headers.


The History section is displayed only if history is enabled in the Administration → System page.

The Changes column contains records about different types of changes to the business object:

  • attribute change: displayed in format "Old value" => "New value". Multiple-type attributes are displayed with "+" and "-" prefix for the added and removed values respectively.
  • update of related objects: added objects are displayed with "+" prefix, removed - with "-" prefix.
  • attributable relations updates: added or removed attributable relations are displayed in the same way as related objects - with "+" or "-" prefix. Updates of attributes of such relations are displayed with the pencil icon in front of a related item name and then goes the list of attributes updates in the same format as usual attributes updates.



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