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The Users tile in the Administration section of the menu allows you to create new users and modify properties of the existing ones.

Each user has a Login name, First name, Last name, and e-mail address. Additional columns: "Id", "Last Modification User" and "Last Modification Time" are not shown by default, but can be added using the "Add column" field.

  1. Quick filter
  2. Field to add a column
  3. Create new User
  4. Delete User

The mere step of creating users in iteraplan does not automatically permit them to log in to iteraplan. User and role management as such must be performed by the associated identity management system. To make user management a bit easier, iteraplan creates a user entry automatically when a user has been authorised by the identity management system and logs in to iteraplan for the first time.

Managing users

Create user

Fields "Login Name", "First Name" and "Last Name" are mandatory for new user. Login name must be unique.

Edit user

Fields "Last Modification Time", "Last Modification User" and "Id" are not editable. Fields "Login Name", "First Name" and "Last Name" should not be empty. Login name must be unique.

Delete user

User deleting is not allowed if this user is used in some of the responsibility attributes. If you try to delete such user you will get an error message.



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