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The remove and substitue functionality allows you to select a user, understand where the user is referenced in the system and choose appropriate actions for the different entries.

Important information

  • Make sure the user that is going to be deleted is not logged in on iteraplan. Otherwise the user might still be able to make changes after the deletion.
  • iTurm is not affected by the remove user process. This needs to be done seperatly.
  • The execution duration of the removal process is dependant on the amount of data in iteraplan.
  • When removing/substituting a user, everyone logged into iteraplan gets a message to refresh the browser. If this is skipped, there might be some temporary errors.
  • It is not possible for a user to delete himself.

Be aware

Even after completion of the user removal some references to the user might still be present:

  • Saved Queries that contained the user in a "Last Modification User"-filter still contain the username after the user removal. This will be part of the next release - until then, please remove them manually.
  • Invalid or outdated saved queries, user settings and URL params that reference the user might still contain the username.
  • Text attributes values (including the description field) might still contain a user name. You might want to use the full text search to find and eliminate them.
  • Log files (e.g. from Tomcat), backups, data base dumps etc. are - of course - also not affected by the removal process. You need to tkae care of them yourself.

Choose User

  1. Choose a user
  2. Identify starts the remove/substitute process

Configure the Remove Process

  1. Select if you want to remove the user. This can only be selected when each of the entry types in step 2,3 and 4 are either set to substitute or delete.
  2. Responsibility attributes. See how often a responsibility atribute causes a user reference in attributes, building blocks, history or saved queries content. Choose an appropriate action on the right (None; substitute or delete user from attributes).
    This will potentially substitute or remove all user mentions in responsibility attributes.
  3. Author of. See how often the user is the author of comments, history changes or saved queries. Choose an appropriate action on the right (None; substitute author or delete comments / saved queries).
    This will potentially either substitute the author by the chosen user, or permanently remove the comments or saved queries the user created.
  4. Others. The user can appear in entries of "Last Modification User" or subscriptions. Entries of "Last Modification User" can only be replaced by a "-" character. For subscriptions, its either none, substitute or delete.
  5. Download a report of the found user entries.
  6. Execute performs all selected actions.

Show Results

  1. Download a report that lists all removed and all remaining user entries.
  2. Complete brings you back to the choose user step.

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