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Attributes in iteraplan are organised into groups. Each attribute group has a name, description and contains a number of attributes.

  1. Group drag handle
  2. Attribute drag handles
  3. Group name editor
  4. Group icons: Toggle description, open roles and permissions dialog, delete group
  5. "Show attributes on the top of the single element view" checkbox
  6. Create a new group

Edit Attribute Groups

Clicking on the name or the description toggles the edit mode. The attribute group name cannot be blank and has to be unique.

The up/down arrow icon is used to fold/unfold the group description. When you hover the mouse over the group, additional icons appear in the top right corner of the group container (4): Set Permissions and Delete group.

"Show attributes on the top of the single element view" checkbox (5): By setting this option, all attributes within the group are displayed at the top of the Single Element View instead of the default location within the attribute tab.

Set Permissions

The "Attribute group permissions" icon opens a dialoge to edit the roles and permissions concerning the attribute group. You can explicitely set View and Edit permissions for all configured roles. Also see the Roles and Permissisons section.

New Attribute Group

To create an attribute group click the "NEW" button and specify the name in the popup dialog window.

Delete an Attribute Group

The "Delete" icon allows you to delete the attribute group. All attributes from the deleted group will be moved to the bottom of the [Default Attribute Group].

Order of Attribute Groups and Attributes

You can define the order in which attribute groups and the contained attributes are displayed on the Building Block's Single Element View. To change the order of groups or attributes, drag them to a new position using the drag handle = (1) and (2).
Additionally attributes can be dragged to another attribute group with this handle.

The group [Default Attribute Group] is somewhat static: You cannot edit the name or delete it.

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