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The iteraplan .WAR file contains the following important configuration files

[iteraplan Server Context]/WEB-INF/classes/

This property file is initially empty. It can be used to overwrite properites from the following config files.

Property values should primarily be set via this file. Other iteraplan property files might remain unchanged. After installation, this file is empty. When property values are set here, they will overwrite the values in the original files. When upgrading to a new iteraplan release, this file can simply be copied into the new instance.

[iteraplan Server Context]/WEB-INF/classes/

Certain application properties are set here.

Modifications to should only be made in consultation with the iteraplan support.

[iteraplan Server Context]/WEB-INF/classes/

This configuration file contains connection information about the database used with iteraplan. The database must have the schema defined by iteraplan. Please note that different versions of iteraplan will generally have different database schemas, though exceptions are possible. Be aware that some of the settings require a syntax specific to the database product you are using. Before changing these settings, make sure you understand their syntax.

[iteraplan Server Context]/WEB-INF/classes/

This config file contains settings regarding the password expiry.

[iteraplan Server Context]/WEB-INF/classes/

Technical logging is configured here. Log file names and paths are also set here.

The following config files should be left unchanged

[iteraplan Server Context]/WEB-INF/applicationContext-spring-security.xml

This file configures authentication with the Spring Security component. The last section is of particular interest: this section describes fetching of user and role data from a JNDI-connected database. With the inital settings, access is configured to a database schema corresponding to the iTURM Schema.

[iteraplan Server Context]/META-INF/context.xml

The configuration file for the iteraplan context contains information such as the connection details for a JNDI-connected iTURM database which the Spring Security component uses for authentication. If you use LDAP or another mechanism for authentication, there is no need to change anything here. The database schema is expected to be present as described in the iTURM configuration documentation.

The first time the application is deployed, the file is copied to the directory conf/Catalina/localhost in the Tomcat installation folder under the name of the application (e.g. iteraplan.xml).

[iteraplan Server Context]/WEB-INF/classes/de/iteratec/iteraplan/presentation/resources

The folder contains ressource files with the translation of iteraplan GUI in English and German. The files are named as follows: ApplicationResources_[language abbreviation].properties (e.g.

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