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Basic access rights are assigned by means of functional permissions. These permissions can be assigned to individual roles on via the Roles and Permissisons screen. These permissions control the visibility of certain tiles on the Start Screen, as well as the access to specific functions.

Functional Permission

Affected Feature or Area of User Interface | Menu Entry / Tab

Configure Attribute and Groups

Permission to add, edit or delete attributes. Be aware that users without this permission can still edit attribute values.

Permission to add, edit or delete attribute groups and to control edit rights.Administration / Attributes

Administration / Attribute Groups

Configure iteraplan

Permission to edit the configuration of iteraplan.

Administration / System

Configure Plugin API

Permission to create, edit, delete and run plugins of the plugin API . Be aware that plugin scripts can access all data, independant of what user created the script or executes it.

Administration / Plugin API

Create, Update and Delete public Saved Queries

Permission to edit, create & delete public saved queries.

Report / Saved queries

Edit Customization

Permission to edit the customizing of iteraplan.

Administration / Customizing

Edit Roles and Grant Permissions

Permission to manage roles and permissions.

Administration / Roles and Permissions

Execute Bulk Updates

Permission to execute bulk updates/mass updates via the Multi Mode.

Lists / Multi Mode

Execute iteraQL Power Queries

Permission to use the query console to execute iteraQL power queries. Note that this permission does not control iteraQL queries via the REST API.

Reports / Query Console

Manage ISM Data

Permission to manage Information Security Management(ISM).

Security / Requirements / Risks / Actions / Settings

Manage Surveys

Permission to create/edit/delete surveys.

Administration / Surveys

Manage Users

Permission to manage users.

Administration / Users

Run import and export

Permission to import and export data.

Report / Export/Import

Share Saved Queries

Permission to share saved queries (only for visualizations)

Report / Saved queries

Subscribe to Building Blocks and view all personal subscriptions

Permission to subscribe to element changes and view your personal subscriptions.

Lists / Subscribers

Supervising Data

Permission to delete all comments on building blocks.

Single element view / Comments

Use Custom Dashboard

Permission to use custom dashboards.

Report / Custom Dashboard

Use Diagram Builder

Permission to access the Diagram Builder.

Visualize / Diagram Builder

Use Global Search

Permission to run global search on building blocks.

Start / Search input box

Use Graphics Reactor

Permission to access and use the iteraplan Graphics Reactor.

Report / Graphics Reactor

Use Navigator

Permission to access the Navigator.

Visualize / Navigator

Use Visualizations

Permission to use all built-in visualizations

Visualize / <all diagram types>

View all subscribers of a Building Block

Permission to view subscribers of a building block.

Lists / Subscribers

View History

Permission to view a building block's history.

Single element view / History tab

View Roles and Permissions

Permission to view roles and permissions.

Administration / Roles and Permissions

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