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iteraplan 6.5

(Changes since iteraplan 6.4)

New Features

  • Information security management
    • Bridge the gap between the requirements of the information security management and the EAM data
    • Perform target-to-target comparison with automated workflows to detect deviations (risks) and do subsequent risk assessment
    • ISM is a separately licensed module that requires a specific license key to use
  • Quick access
    • Access a global search from everywhere within iteraplan
    • Increase your productivity by quickly changing to recently visited pages


  • Oracle JDK 11 and Open JDK 11 compatibility
  • Improved Visio export
    • The Visio export for the cluster diagram, masterplan diagram, portfolio diagram and tree map diagram is now feature complete

    • The Visio export for the information flow diagram now supports multiple connection points

  • Improved enumeration/responsibility editors
    • Performance is now independent of the literal amount
    • The width of the editor adjusts to longer literals

Fixed Defects

  • Fixed an issue where accessing a shared visualization would change your current login user
  • Fixed an issue with the creation of date interval dependencies
  • Fixed an issue with the list view excel export and formatting of numbers
  • Fixed an issue with the plugin API not updating responsibility attributes after "createUser()"
  • Fixed an issue where a custom number formatting could lead to wrong conversions
  • Fixed an issue with the information flow diagram where long edge annotation texts where cut off
  • Fixed an issue with the multi mode when trying to assign an element as its own parent
  • Fixed an issue with element names that contain "$"
  • Fixed an issue with the Xwiki syntax not being translated correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the list view not sorting correctly by last modification time

  • Fixed an issue with the information flow diagram Visio export where connection points where incorrect after resizing

Please note that starting with release 6.5, Tomcat 7 and 8.0 are no longer supported. Take a look at the installation prerequisites for more information.

iteraplan 6.4

(Changes since iteraplan 6.3)

New Features

  • Information flow usability
    • Information flows are now easier to understand and manage
    • Clearly see what data is exchanged between information systems
    • New dialogs assist you in creating and updating information flows
  • Fill responsibility attributes
    • Automatically include users in responsibility attributes
    • Synchronize responsibility attributes with LDAP using the plugin API
  • Share visualizations (beta)
    • Generate shareable links for saved queries
    • Share up-to-date reports with stakeholders outside of iteraplan


  • Improved singe element view
    • Improved page structure, including a new navigation header
    • Quickly add new relations directly on the relation panels
    • Performance improvements to greatly reduce the initial loading time
    • Create and edit business mappings using the new business mapping editor
    • Keyboard support for editing attributes
  • Improved Visio export
    • The Visio export for the information flow diagram, landscape diagram,
      nested cluster diagram and navigator is now feature complete
    • Especially the connectors and the grouping of shapes have been greatly improved
  • Added a possibility to edit relations directly in the navigator
  • The iteraplan installer can now optionally encrypt passwords
  • Disabling of building block types through customization now also hides the affected relations
  • Date interval dependencies can now be edited after the attribute has already been created
  • Added a filter dialog option to include ancestors/descendants when filtering hierarchies
  • Added a drop down option to the new-button of the list view
  • Added an excel export option to omit the generation of preformatted empty rows
  • Improved the page breadcrumbs to include the homepage tabs
  • Improved the default parameters of the information flow diagram layout
  • Improved the readability of the information flow diagram edge annotations
  • Extended the REST API to include plugin-API endpoints
  • Added a customizing option for the American date format
  • Added generated default colors for new enumeration literals

Fixed Defects

  • Fixed the behavior of the functional permission for public saved queries
  • Fixed an issue with data model changes triggered by a scheduled plugin script
  • Fixed an issue where the list view was empty after setting a relation filter
  • Fixed an issue with the sorting of dates in the list view
  • Fixed the ordering of business mappings in the single element view
  • Fixed the ordering of attributes in the singe element view
  • Fixed an issue with error toast not being visible in the single element view
  • Fixed a permission issue with specific relation attributes
  • Fixed an issue with iteraQL expressions not working for the partial Excel export
  • Fixed an issue with some diagrams not opening when there are no building blocks
  • Fixed an issue with loading the building block history in some cases

Please note that starting with release 6.4, Java 7 is no longer supported. Take a look at the Installation Prerequisites for more information.

iteraplan 6.4.1

  • Improved building block list view: the column width is now preserved when adding or removing columns
  • Fixed a layouting issue in the navigator that caused boxes to overlap
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the SEV would not open
  • Fixed an issue with creating date intervals that caused follow up errors
  • Fixed an issue with the display of user names in the history entries
  • Fixed an issue related to the editing of role descriptions
  • Fixed the visio export for the IFD when using a manual selection filter
  • Fixed a render issue of the IFD where annotation effects where always shown
  • Fixed the issue of SEV relation cards taking up unnecessary space
  • Fixed an issue with the SQL console

iteraplan 6.3

(Changes since iteraplan 6.2)

New Features

  • Surveys - decentralized data collection
    • Improve collaboration and user involvement using the new surveys feature
    • Send freely configurable tasks to other iteraplan users, showing them a list of building blocks that they are responsible for
    • Easy to use and fully integrated into roles and permissions: all happens inside iteraplan
  • Hotspot Diagram
    • Detect building block internal dependencies using this new visualization
    • Display the self-relations of all building block types
    • Filtering, coloring, saved queries as well as export options available
  • Diagram Builder (beta)
    • Create your own diagrams using this new expert feature
    • In this first version it's possible to define rules on what building blocks and relations are shown
    • It will be extended in the future based on your feedback
  • Boolean attribute type

Reworked Functionality

  • Removed fixed attributes
    • The following fixed attributes are now migrated to regular custom attributes: Status values (IS & TC), Productive period (IS & TC), Lifetimes (PROJ), Available for Interfaces (TC)
    • After the migration they are placed in a new attribute group "[Core Attributes]"
    • This means that these attributes can now be edited, deleted or moved to a different attribute group
  • Date Intervals can now exist without being based on date attributes. However, a dependency for the start- and/or enddate can still be declared in the attributes page


  • Improved Single Element View
    • Better layout to show information more clearly
    • Simplified Business Mappings
      • Business Mappings now show the type of each building block
      • Business Mappings with only two dimensions are shown in a sperate panel
      • Two dimensional business mappings are added right away without opening the editor
    • Better relation management usability
      • Filter buildings blocks by type or add a filter to find elements faster
      • Removed the limit of elements in the relation drop-down
    • Added a calendar view to visualize dates and date intervals
    • Added a display option to show hierarchical names for building blocks
    • Added a display option to show all elements in a new line, not next to each other
  • Improved List View
    • Better tree view
      • Sorting is now possible in tree view mode
      • Added buttons to expand or collapse all hierarchies
      • Added saving of the hierarchy collapsed states for each user
    • Better keyboard operability when working with the list view
    • Added a loading indicator to show when a change for a cell is finished
  • Improved REST API
    • New REST documentation according to the OpenAPI specification
    • Added administration API that enables read and write access to attributes, attribute groups, users and roles
    • Added possibility to post a JSON-datamodel to the data endpoint (before it was limited to excel)
  • Better attributes and attribute groups user interface to improve usability
  • Added Plugin API support for HTTPS URLs and proxies
  • Added a zoom control widget for all diagrams
  • Diagrams now save the scroll position in addition to the zoom level
  • Responsibility attribute values now show the first and last name in addition to the username
  • Improved the Visio export for the Information Flow Diagram
  • Improved hint in dialog when replacing an information system in an information flow
  • Improved mention of display options in diagram legends
  • Improved user interface of the cluster diagram
  • Improved design and texts for various dialogs

Fixed Defects

  • Fixed a performance issue with building block drop-downs in the List View
  • Fixed an issue where newly created elements in the list view could not be directly selected in relation dropdowns
  • Fixed an issue where relation attributes in the list view could not be edited properly
  • Fixed an issue where numeric values in the tree view did not show any value for child elements
  • Fixed an issue where "show in list" would not work using IE11
  • Fixed an issue where specific queries would not work using the partial excel export
  • Customizing the fav-icon now works correctly using Edge
  • Saved query names are now properly used in all exported visualizations
  • IFD node positions are no longer reset when showing or hiding the diagram legend
  • The LSD relation filter now works correctly when filtering for business mappings
  • The LSD relation filter no longer features self-relations, because this functionality is already present in the node filter
  • The Quick Filter is now considered when using the list view multi mode
  • Relation names now all have proper german translations

iteraplan 6.3.1

  • Fixed an issue where the VISIO export was not working for specific diagrams

iteraplan 6.3.2

  • Fixed an issue with the permission handling for relation building blocks
  • Fixed how the attribute group permissions were determined when a user has multiple roles, or role inheritance was used
  • Fixed an issue that prevented IFL IS-2 relations to be created/edited using the single element view
  • Fixed an issue with the 6.2 to 6.3 migration script for Oracle and MSQL. If the migration was already done, take a look here.

iteraplan 6.3.3

  • Fixed an issue with adding relations to building blocks that are connected via business mapping
  • Fixed an issue with combi create of business mappings when a combination already existed
  • Fixed an issue with attribute group permission handling on the SEV
  • Fixed an issue with the format of date intervals in the xmi export

iteraplan 6.2

(Changes since iteraplan 6.1)

New Features

  • Navigator Extension
    • Two modes to explore your EA: Standard mode and deep dive mode
    • In the standard mode only relations to the centered element are shown
      The center can be changed, and there are multiple display options to filter what is shown
    • In the deep dive mode other elements can be expanded to show their relations as well
      This is the functionality that is already known from previous versions
    • It is now possible to create and link new elements from within the navigator
    • Ability to save & load a configuration
  • Information Flow Diagram Extension
    • Nodes and Edges can now have annotations to provide additional information
    • Annotations can be filtered for a clear view on the data
    • Node positions are saved and also used for exports
    • There are now multiple docking points for connected edges in all directions
  • Building Block Comments
    • Users can now add comments to all elements
    • This feature is enabled by default, but can be disabled in the system administration
  • Remove a User and his Footprints
    • The user management now features user deletion/substitution functionality
    • Helps to get a complete understanding and control over all data in iteraplan containing personal/user information
    • It is possible to download impact as well as post-execution reports
    • Provides GDPR/DSGVO conformity of iteraplan itself
  • More filter options in the Landscape diagram
    • In addition to the three filters for elements, there are now two filters for the relations used to construct the diagram
    • Much finer control of what is show in the diagram
    • The relation filter option is especially powerful when being applied to Business Mappings
  • Delete with Options
    • The deletion of an element with child elements results in appropriate deletion options
    • If an element is included in business mappings there are appropriate deletion options as well
  • Relative Filter Options
    • Responsibility attributes can now be set to "current user", to reference the user currently logged in
    • Date attributes can now be set to "today", to always reference the current day

Reworked/Dropped Functionality

  • Corporate dashboard page featuring a template to download has been removed.
    The template is still available via the forum or customer support.


  • Improved filter dialogue usability. It now clearly divides between element and relation filter
  • Possibility to configure author visibility in building block history
  • All parts of the metamodel (element and relation names in English and German) can now be customized
  • Improved login/logout when anonymous access is enabled
  • Improved the printing layout of the single element view

  • Microsoft Edge compatibility
  • Extended the Plugin API with the ability to query meta information of attributes
  • Extended the Plugin API with a get-user-details functionality
  • Diagram legends now show the minimum and maximum values for numeric coloring
  • Cluster diagram: New UI of the tool area, better configuartion possibilities for each row
  • Diagram downloads now have a loading indicator
  • Improved the legend readability in customized dashboards
  • Related elements in a list view are now links to the respective single element view
  • Multiline attributes in the single element view now show in full width
  • Added proper notifications for missing permissions
  • Mass updates now show a progress bar
  • Direct SQL execution possible
  • Added the possiblity to check the status of the iteraplan installation
  • Improved the usability when uploading files in the graphics reactor
  • Improved the usability of the roles and permissions page
  • A lot of smaller UI/UX improvements

Fixed Defects

  • Resolved some issues with the behaviour of the Plugin API. It now clearly distinguishes between parsing and executing scripts again
  • Fixed an issue that prevented creating relations from an infrastructure element to a technical component in some rare cases
  • Fixed an issue where multiline text attributes where not editable in the single element view
  • Fixed an issue in the list view that prevented a new child element from being created
  • Fixed an issue where the order of an element's children was not updated properly
  • Fixed an issue where a copied element could not be edited properly
  • Fixed an unexpected logout issue in IE11
  • Fixed an issue with saving date intervals without end data in list view
  • Fixed an issue where no subscription emails where sent
  • The creation of attributes with an invalid name is now handled properly
  • Fixed a layout problem when moving rows in the cluster diagram
  • The sorting of lists is now properly saved
  • Fixed an issue with the Excel import where the date could not be read
  • Legends in the diagram Visio export are now positioned correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the single element view was not loaded at all due to some missing permissions
  • The element links in subscription e-mails are now correct
  • A customized application logo is now displayed in a proper resolution

iteraplan 6.1

(Changes since iteraplan 6.0.5)

New Features

  • Huge Metamodel extension
    • More powerful Business Mapping
    • Relations are now attributable
    • Extended Domain Types
    • Interface Type overhauled
    • Project connected to all other types
  • Plugin API enhancements
    • GUI now available for configuration
    • Schedule a script execution
    • Possibility to directly execute a script
    • Send emails from scripts
    • Query external systems from scripts
  • Customizings
    • Globally set date format, help menu contents etc.
    • Change logo, favicon and GUI colors
    • Define color schemes for visualizations
    • Rename the iteraplan Building Block Types and Relations

Reworked/Dropped Functionality

  • Changes related to the Metamodel extension
    • Some technical names of elements changed
    • Relations are now attributable, so their handling changed
    • Interface type has been renamed and overhauled
    • See here for details
  • Classic Client removed from iteraplan
    • Saved Queries and History data need to be migrated
    • Object related permissions are removed
    • Time series functionality removed
    • Spreadsheet report templates replaced by internal Excel feature
    • Seals now realised via Plugin API
    • Information Flow diagram templates removed
    • Audit log file feature removed
    • Functional permissions were adjusted
    • See here and here for details
  • Plugin API scripts now configured via GUI


  • Performance improvements, especially for initial load, list view and single element view
  • List view controls and diagram configuration options redesigned
  • Visio dowload option (beta status) for various diagrams available
  • Position values of elements are now considered in tree view and diagrams
  • Direct loading of saved queries from lists and visualizations possible
  • Possibility to take over result set from iteraQL query console to list or diagram
  • Improved Overview for configured Roles & Permissions
  • Loading notice for some long running tasks added
  • History for Building Block Types now also shows changes of single elements, without details
  • Axis label text size in portfolio diagram improved
  • Background color of Custom Dashboards improved for better visibility

Fixed Defects

  • Excel import now correctly removes self relations with the conservative strategy selected
  • User delete now possible with existing subscriptions
  • Metamodel structure view: Boxes are now everywhere clickable
  • Element History does no longer show global changes of the type from before the creation time

iteraplan 6.0.5

iteraplan 6.0.5 is a Service Release featuring mainly defect fixes

(Changes since iteraplan 6)

Fixed Defects

  • Various problems when copying elements solved
  • IE11: After adding elements via the list view the green "adding line" in the table now disappears
  • Buttons New & Delete in Single Element view no longer available when user has insufficient rights
  • Query console result list no longer shows edit marker when editing is not possible in the list
  • Error now shown when a published Graphics Reactor result page fails to be created 
  • Mass deletion of just created Business Mappings now works correctly in all cases
  • HTML markup in Dashboards in now correctly distinguished from XWiki markup
  • Download of Custom Dashboards now works correctly
  • Custom Dashboards do not automatically redraw themselves
  • Subscription mails now work correctly for just added relations
  • The anonymous access feature now works correctly in all cases when using Oracle as database backend
  • The IT-Service element translation string is now used everywhere in the New Client
  • The Excel import is no longer prone to incorrect time span values
  • The visualization embed feature does no longer show a blank page in IE 11
  • Scrolling in the list after opening and closing a multi line input field now works in all browsers
  • When loading a saved query columns might no longer be discarded
  • The Information Flow layout is now immediately deterministic after a parameter change
  • IE11: Adding relations in the single element view fixed
  • Multivalue enumeration attributes in the Default Attribute Group are now correctly displayed
  • In the Single Element View Enumeration Attributes which are shown next to the core attributes can now be correctly edited
  • The single element view does no longer accidentially open when using drag and drop in the tree view mode
  • Descriptions in the Query console result list now show the XWiki syntax correctly
  • Some rare cases fixed with attribute group and building block type permissions
  • No more empty space shown at the bottom of the Masterplan Diagram
  • Coloring in Pie Chart Diagram will no longer be broken after reload / additional configuration


  • Various GUI and layout improvements regarding usability and clear arragement
  • Elements in PDF & SVG export now link to the single element view page in iteraplan
  • Browser back button now immediately goes back to the last visited screen
  • Order of enum literals now respected in the REST response and everywhere in the GUI
  • (?) links in multiline editors now lead to proper online XWiki documentation page
  • Filtering speed improvements in IE11, especially with manual filtering
  • Single element view page speed improvements

iteraplan 6

(Changes since iteraplan 5.5)

New Features in the Interactive Client

  • Mass update feature
    • Included in the list view
    • Filtering and manual selecting of elements possible
    • Setting/clearing and adding/removing of value(s) possible
    • Works also with relations, not only with attribute values
  • Adding & deleting for Business Mappings
    • Part of the list view
    • Individual Business Mappings can be added or deleted
    • Adding/Deleting of combinations (cross product) possible
  • Enhanced Single Element view
    • Editing of all values possible
    • Add relations by simply starting to type element names
  • New Tree view
    • Included in the element list view
    • Shows the hierarchical position of the elements
    • Rearrange via Drag and Drop possible
    • Also works with filtered lists
  • New Custom Dashboard
    • Individually combine saved visualisations and other content
    • Freely design and layout your dashboards
    • Immediately see your results
    • Save and share your dashboards
    • Migration (of dashboard templates) from Classic Client is available
  • Integration of lists and visualizations
    • Easily switch from one view to the other and keep all filters etc.
    • Available for all types and all visualizations
    • Also visualize single elements directly in various diagrams
  • New User and Role & Permission Management
    • Included in the Admin section
    • New layout eases the administration of the features
  • New Attribute and Attribute Group Management
    • Included in the Admin section
    • Drag and Drop available for reordering elements
  • Element Subscriptions
    • Available in the list view and the single element view
    • Subscription possible to both single elements and to the element type
    • Works also with mass update (mass subscription)
    • Current subscription status is shown


  • Docker images of iteraplan are generally available for all customers
  • Export & Import
    • Functionality available in the Interactive Client
    • Progress now better visible
  • Full XWiki Syntax is again available for multi line text attributes
  • History data for a bulding block type (containing creates and deletes of elements) available
  • Better interaction within the Navigator
  • Elements can now be easily copied
  • New start screen layout, data model showing all relations and self relations also available
  • More example use cases of iteraplan Reactions available in the documentation
  • Missing mandatory and out-of bounds attribute values are highlighted in the single element view
  • List of users can now be downloaded
  • Current licensee and license expiry date is shown in the admin section
  • Filtering for system attributes like lastModificationTime now possible
  • Status of search index recreation now shown
  • Anonymous access (without prior login) to iteraplan configurable
  • iteraplan Reactions now also log their output to the iteraplan log file
  • Notifications (Subscriptions) are now sent when importing data via Excel
  • Better error message via REST when license in invalid

Reworked/Dropped Functionality

  • The iteraplan Classic Client is no longer available by default.
    It is only included as a reference, without any support, and it needs to be activated explicitly to be used.
  • User Groups are no longer available. All user groups are migrated to user entities with this release.

Fixed Defects

  • Complex list or visualisation configurations resulting in very long URL strings are now correctly saved
  • iteraQL query console results with two separate types are now correcty displayed
  • Zoom level in the Information Flow Diagram is now correctly saved
  • Quick filter in list view now always connects all search terms via AND
  • Overall application speed improved when using custom enumeration attributes with a lot of literals
  • Installer no longer uses wrong/unwanted settings when run twice

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