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Users can subscribe or unsubscribe to either a Building Block Type or a single element.

How to subscribe

Subscription button in List View of BBT Business Object

You can subscribe to a Building Block Type in the List View of that type. The subscription to single elements is possible in the List view (action column of that element) and the Single Element View. In the top right corner of each page you can click the button "Subscriptions" and choose the option "Subscribe to..." (see figure above).

Once you subscribed to a type or a single element, the star-icon will be filled completely.

The second option in the dropdown list allows you to see all other subscribers for this type or single element.

Subscribed to Building Block Type

If you are subscribed to a type, you will be notified by email if a new element of this type was created, or an element was deleted.

Note however, that you will not be notified about simple changes to individual elements. You need to watch each element individually (see below).

Subscribed to a single element

If you are subscribed to a single element, you will be notified by email if a property of that element is updated or the element is deleted.

Note that only direct edits on a subscribed element trigger a notifications.

No noticifation will be sent if

  • the list of relations of the subscribed element changes because the element on the other side of the association is edited
  • a new relation to the subscribed element is created from the element on the other side of the association
  • there were changes on a sub-element of the subscribed element

Use the Multi Mode (Mass Update) for subscribing to many single elements at once. Open the Multi Mode in List View and select the desired elements from the list. Then click the white star in the Actions column to subscribe (respectively the empty star to unsubscribe).


Email adresses

Make sure your email address is added to the "Users" list in Administration tab. In case your address is not yet in there (i.e. you don't get notifications even if you subscribed) and if you don't have the permission to edit "Users" yourself, please ask your Administrator to add your email adress to your User profile.

Activate the functionality

Notification emails will only be sent to you if the server administrator has activated the functionality and set up the email submission parameters.

To activate the Subscription function, the server administrator has to edit the parameters in the iteraplan.properties as in the table below.
The sender address (in the From field) of notification emails is configured once in the iteraplan.properties file. The server administrator also has to make all email-related settings in that configuration file, including SMTP server, port, encryption and authentication settings. All required configuration properties are explained in table below.


Parameter Name




Used to enable the notifications. Possible values are true and false



The SMTP server address



The address used for sending the emails



The SMTP server port

25 or 465 (SSL)


Used to enable SSL-secured communication with the SMTP server. Possible values are true and false



Used to enable use of the STARTTLS mechsnism for securing communication with the SMTP server. Possible values are true and false



The username for authenticating with SMTP server. Should normally only be used only if the SSL is enabled



The password for authenticating with SMTP server. Should normally only be used if the SSL is enabled


User profiles don't contain a preferred language setting, so all emails are sent out in English.

Roles and Permissions are not considered

The notification service does not consider any permissions on Attribute Groups. Therefore an email might contain more information than the user is permitted to see on the web page. Be aware of this fact when setting up Roles and Permissions.

Subscriptions on Start Tab

If you are subscribed to single elements, a selection of these elements will be shown in the section "Your subscribed elements".


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