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  • The Nested Cluster Diagram & Landscape Diagram are now feature complete except the possibility to combine filters with and / or.
    See the user documentation for details.
  • Introduced the Information Flow Diagram with a basic set of features
  • Introduced the new Tool Area used for configuring the Landscape Diagram & Information Flow Diagram
  • Added partial diagram rendering when working with a large set of data
  • Added a notification to diagrams: Improved handling of "empty" diagrams, showing the notice "no elements to display"Possibility to escape "no . In the empty case, configuration options to change the set of elements to display " in diagramsare offered.
  • Showing a loading indicator before home screen and for all diagrams
  • The GUI language can be switched
  • Interactive Client might be disabled via a configuration setting
  • Improved PDF generation


  • Wrong direction during import of new interfaces without transported business object

  • Wrong height of SVG in LSDError LSD

  • Error Message delete BF connected with IT-Service

  • Filter for attribute productive period doesn't work

  • Installation of iteraplan instance with LDAP fails

  • Bulk-Update does not work for Information Systems with supporting IT Services

  • LSD Slider not working correctly

  • NCD Coloring (numeric) not working correctly

  • LSD: Coloring isnt isn't shown for multi value enumeration values

  • Excel Import fails for specific file: "deleted object would be re-saved by cascade"

  • item undefined error (LSD, date, orphan)

  • Unable to save query with numeric attributes

  • For Business Mappings only the other 3 types should be visible

  • Creating a new interface with deactivated "show inactive" flag fails

  • Meta model abbreviations in Breadcrumbs

  • Building Blocks with more than 1 enumeration value are not shown in the Landscape Diagram

  • Reactor files cannot be downloaded

  • Highlighting by modified items aren't cancelled with changing inner type

  • Deleting connection to IT Service from IS detail page is not possible

  • Long filter names (like paths) are not fully displayed in the legend

  • LSD: Text filter widget triggers continuously setProp events