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The iteraplan Corporate Edition is also available as Docker image. The image can be pulled from the iteratec Artifactory Docker Registry as image where VERSION is the iteraplan version, for example 6.23.01.


iteraplan should be orchestrated with Docker Compose. An example Docker Compose file iteraplan.yml is included in the docker-compose directory of the iteraplan Docker package available at our download site.


The JDBC connector file needs to be mounted into the /usr/local/tomcat/lib folder of the iteraplan Docker container. Examples are given in the example Docker Compose file, for connectors present in the same directory as the Docker Compose file.

Important: The jdbc connector file requires read permission for user 1001 (tomcat inside the docker contrainer runs as this user).

LDAP configuration

Authentication schemes can be selected by setting the environment variable AUTH accordingly. Possible values are "iturm", "ldap", "sso" or "x509", corresponding to the Authentication variants described in the section User Authentication and sub pages.


Code Block
docker run --rm cat /iteradocker/ >


Code Block
docker run --rm cat /usr/local/tomcat/conf/server.xml > server.xml


In the example Docker Compose file, those directories are all mounted to sub directories of the folder the Docker Compose file is in. Those directories will automatically be created if not yet present

Important: The mapped local directories require write and execute permission for user 1001 (tomcat inside the docker contrainer runs as this user).


Docker Compose reports:


  • JDBC database connector missing
  • JDBC database connector jar file not mounted correctly to the container
  • Database connection details entered in the Docker Compose file are wrong

Error writing log files

Possible reasons:

  • The mapped local folders does not have write and execute permissions for user 1001.