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Relations or Self-Relations can be added by using the field "Add Relation" or "Add Self Relation" on top of the corresponding relation section. A Building Block Name can be chosen from the dropdown list or typed into the textfield. Relations can be filtered by selecting a Building Block Type from the list. Self-Relations are already filtered by type and can be additionally filtered by using the common filter dialog. Furthermore, the abbreviation of a Building Block Type can be entered in the textfield of the dropdown list (e.g. "BP") and confirmed with an enter. This will automatically restrict the typ Than the dropdown list of "Select type..." added this Building Block Type (e.g Business Processes). Also it`s possible to add new relation by "Add-direct-relation" dropdown that is shown only when hover over related BBT section and is given a possibility to add related elements for current BBT.

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  1. Add-relation dropdown list
  2. Dropdown list with available Building Block Types 
  3. Filter for selected type
  4. Reset button
  5. Add-direct-relation dropdown list