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  1. Link to current user guide (how to use surveys).
  2. Cancel creation.
  3. Create survey and send invitations to recipients.
    Survey name, selected building block type, selected responsibility attribute are required data to be set to create a survey.
  4. Survey information component.
  5. Open saved query of a building block list.
    All needed data from saved query (columns configuration, applied filter) will be automatically set.
  6. Preview data in list view of selected building block type. 
    When clicking on "Preview in List" button a new tab will be opened in the browser with all building blocks that were configured for the survey.
  7. Survey data component with possibility to select building block type, apply filter and configure columns.
  8. Dropdown menu of accountability attributes.
    When the responsibility attribute is selected, a list of assigned users will be shown with their capabilities of responding to the survey.
  9. Recipients list.
    Yellow warning icons in the e-mail column are a hint that a recipient's email address is not available in the iteraplan. The created survey can only be opened directly from the start tab and not be sent via e-mail.
    For more information of how recipients can respond to a survey please visit this page.
    The yellow warning icon in the permissions column shows that the recipient lacks some functional permissions for the selected building block type of the survey, or of a configured building block type of a column.
    Be aware that the permissions will only be displayed correctly if the user has logged into iteraplan at least one time.