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iTURM is a very simple application for managing assignments of roles to users, see also Users, Roles and Permissions. Installation and configuration are described in the Installation Guide: iteraplan Installer and iTURM config files


Please note that users with the role iteraplan_Supervisor are also able to log into iteraplan as superuser, see Typically Used Roles. Changing the password of a user, however, only requires the knowledge of the username and the current password, see also Change Password.

How to maintain users and roles

Please refer to the illustration on this page: Users, Roles and Permissions

As a minimum requirement you need:

  • equal role in both applications (iteraplan and iTURM).
  • user in iTURM, who is associated with such a role.

After that, the user can log into iteraplan using his password. The internal iteraplan user account will be created automatically at login time.

Alternatively, the iteraplan user account can be created manually, e.g. with previously defined custom properties. In this case, the user's login name must match the respective iTURM user's name.


Currently there is no replication/synchronization mechanism for roles between iteraplan and iTURM, or for additional user information such as first name, last name or email-address.