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Actions can be in "Active" or "Inactive" status.

Also, actions have the "Progress" property, which can be "To Do" or "Solved". You cannot change the "Progress" of an Action, which is inactive. Also, you cannot deactivate an action which is already solved. This logic is handled by the application - the "Actions" column in the actions list contains only buttons for the actions, which can be performed: if an action is active and not solved, you can either solve it or deactivate. But if it's inactive, you can only activate – buttons for appropriate actions will be shown in the list and single view tab.

The actions page has two tabs: "LIST", which contains the list of all existing actions, and "ACTION", which displays one action and is used to edit an action.

Actions List View

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  1. Tabs to switch beetween between actions list view and action single view.
  2. Actions list reset button - resets list columns, quick search filter and "Only active" switch to the default state.
  3. "Add column" dropdown - allows to add adding columns to the list, which are not already added.
  4. Quick seach search filter - filters the list rows, by matching them with text, typed in this input. Only currently added columns are used in the search.
  5. Export button - used to export the list content to Excel or CSV file. 
  6. "Only active" - quick filter switch, to display only Actions with Status "Active".
  7. Button to create a new action.
  8. The actions list.


Action Single View

To view an action details you can select "ACTION" tab and select an action in the dropdown or click on action name in the list.

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  1. Action select dropdown - contains the list of all actions. The details of the selected action are displayed in the details view (5). You can type part of action the action name for quick the quick search.
  2. Action "Progress"-toggle button. If action's progress is "To Do" then this button solves it - changes progress to "Solved". If progress is "Solved" then this button reopens action, by changing progress to "To Do". This button is shown if action status is "Active"
  3. Action "Activate"/"Deactivate" button - changes the action's "Status" property between "Active"/"Inactive". This button is shown if action progress is "To Do".
  4. Action "Delete" button - deletes current action (without removing risks).
  5. Button to create new action.
  6. Action details view.
  7. Action history