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Further control your diagram layout with:

  • Show orphans orphaned items
    This option adds content items even if they have no relation to one of the axes elements. Therefore an additional row and additional column without any caption will be added to the diagram.
  • Show empty columns/rows
    With this option enabled empty rows resp. columns will be removed from the diagram.
  • Show partially connected items
    This option is only available, if content and both axes have business mapping types assigned, i.e. one of Information System, Busines Unit, Business Process and Product.
    With the option selected content elements will also be shown, if they have relations to both axes elements via different Business Mappings, and not via a single Business Mapping - which is the default. So more content elements will be shown via this option. 
  • Highlight all occurrences / Clear highlighting
    Available if an arbitrary inner element has been selected.
    Hightlights all other instances of this element. This option replaces the "Span content elements" option which was available with earlier versions of iteraplan.


Compared to the Landscape Diagram in the classic iteraplan client, the following rarely used features are no longer supported. This is partly because they became obsolote obsolete with the new layout and interaction design of the diagram.


Consider creating your own custom visualization with the iteraplan Graphics Reactor should you urgently need one of these features.


When working with large sets of data only 250 elements are shown. A note on top of the diagram will tell you when this happens. Whenever a partial diagram is shown, you can download the complete diagram via the "Full Download" button.

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You can add more restrictive filters to reduce the number of building blocks. Always be careful with partal diagrams as important parts of the diagram might not be shown.