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iteraplan 6.0

Permissions and Attribte Groups (no fix neccessary)

(A previously reported bug regarding Attribute Groups and read/write permissions turned out to be an misunderstanding - there is no bug in iteraplan.)


If a saved query (list or visualization) relies on an custom attribute, a name change or deletion of this attribute may render the saved query unusable. The custom attribute maybe part of a filter query or part of the diagram configuration.

Copy element (fixed in 6.0.5)

Copying an element might not always work as intended. The copy functionality is affected both in the list view and the single element view. An error might be shown, even if the copy action was successful.

Adding relations in Internet Explorer 11 (fixed in 6.0.5)

In the single element view it is not possible to add a relation to an element if the element has no relations at all. The drop down field does not work in this case. This only appears in Internet Explorer 11.


Workaround 2:
Use Chrome or Firefox instead of Internet Explorer 11.

Creating new element in Internet Explorer 11 (fixed in 6.0.5)

When using the New button in the list view to create an element, you might get stuck. The element is created, but the green line in the list view will not close.


Workaround 3:
Use Chrome or Firefox instead of Internet Explorer 11.

Enumeration attributes with multivalue setting (fixed in 6.0.5)

Values of enumeration attributes, which are configured to have multiple values assigned, and which are put in the Top Level attribute group, might be shown multiple times in the GUI. This is only a display bug, no data corruption will occur.