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iteraplan 6.2

Excel Import not working when export was done in german language (fixed in 6.3.0)

If the excel export was done while the iteraplan version was set to german, the import is not working due to some "invalid status values". Export and import using the english iteraplan instead.

iteraplan 6.1

Date Interval needs an "End Date" and cannot be empty (fixed in 6.2.0)


Workaround: View and edit the elements in the list view.

Saved Queries List might be broken (fixed in 6.2.0)

The Saved Queries List might not load if saved queries were migrated incorrectly from a previous version of iteraplan.


(A previously reported bug regarding Attribute Groups and read/write permissions turned out to be an misunderstanding - there is no bug in iteraplan.)

Saved queries & changed or deleted custom attributes (fixed in 6.2.0)

If a saved query (list or visualization) relies on an custom attribute, a name change or deletion of this attribute may render the saved query unusable. The custom attribute maybe part of a filter query or part of the diagram configuration.