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iteraplan 6.4

iteraplan don't respond after creating the attribute "Date Interval"


The Share Visualisation feature stopped working

This is likely a problem with Chrome/Chromium used for generating the visualisation on the server. 

Version 71 of Chrome/Chromium has a known problem, which causes the iteraplan feature to fail. As Chrome/Chromium might automatically update itself (depends on the installation and operating system), this problem might arise suddenly without any configuration changes or manual updates on the server.

Try to avoid the version 71, if possible. Version 70 and 72 should work fine.

iteraplan doesn't respond any more after creating a Date Interval attribute (fixed in 6.5)

When creating a date interval attribute it might happen that iteraplan doesn't respond after creation of the attribute. This is only the case, if the start and/or end of the date interval is configured to be dependent on a date attribute.

Workaround: Take a look at the solution described here.