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  • Mass update feature
    • Included in the list view
    • Filtering and manual selecting of elements possible
    • Setting/clearing and adding/removing of value(s) possible
    • Works also with relations, not only with attribute values
  • Adding & deleting for Business Mappings
    • Part of the list view
    • Individual Business Mappings can be added or deleted
    • Adding/Deleting of combinations (cross product) possible
  • Enhanced Single Element view
    • Editing of all values possible
    • Add relations by simply starting to type element names
  • New Tree view
    • Included in the element list view
    • Shows the hierarchical position of the elements
    • Rearrange via Drag and Drop possible
    • Also works with filtered lists
  • New Custom Dashboard
    • Individually combine saved visualisations and other content
    • Freely design and layout your dashboards
    • Immediately see your results
    • Save and share your dashboards
    • Migration (of dashboard templates) from Classic Client is available
  • Integration of lists and visualizations
    • Easily switch from one view to the other and keep all filters etc.
    • Available for all types and all visualizations
    • Also visualize single elements directly in various diagrams
  • New User and Role & Permission Management
    • Included in the Admin section
    • New layout eases the administration of the features
  • New Attribute and Attribute Group Management
    • Included in the Admin section
    • Drag and Drop available for reordering elements
  • Element Subscriptions
    • Available in the list view and the single element view
    • Subscription possible to both single elements and to the element type
    • Works also with mass update (mass subscription)
    • Current subscription status is shown


  • Complex list or visualisation configurations resulting in very long URL strings are now correctly saved
  • iteraQL query console results with two separate types are now correcty displayed
  • Zoom level in the Information Flow Diagram is now correctly saved
  • Quick filter in list view now always connects all search terms via AND
  • Overall application speed improved when using custom enumaration attributes with a lot of values
  • Installer no longer uses wrong/unwanted settings when run twice


nameiteraplan_Annotated Release Notes 6.pdf

iteraplan 5.5

(Changes since iteraplan 5.4)


  • ITERAPLAN-8 Info flow diagram generation (Visio) fails with some interfaces
  • ITERAPLAN-11 Permission-bug when creating reports without permission to view information systems
  • ITERAPLAN-12 Non-hierarchical names on landscape diagram (PDF) axis labels
  • ITERAPLAN-13 Error at filtering of Infrastructure Elements with query
  • ITERAPLAN-14 Print views are not CSS-styled
  • ITERAPLAN-18 IndexOutOfBoundsException at iteraplan Dashboard
  • ITERAPLAN-25 CSS resources are not UTF8-encoded but JAWR expects UTF8
  • ITERAPLAN-29 Reset-button does not reset the GUI
  • ITERAPLAN-30 Bulk delete of technical components
  • ITERAPLAN-32 The copying and creating of new ISR releases happens in more than one transaction / fails partly
  • ITERAPLAN-39 NullPointerException while rendering business mapping view extension of assigned Technical Components 
  • ITERAPLAN-41 Error 500 in context graphics Masterplan with Technical Components
  • ITERAPLAN-67 Certain names of saved queries prevent the "directly execute saved query"-menu of the diagram reports start page from showing
  • ITERAPLAN-69 Spreadsheet reports: Output formats not working correctly
  • ITERAPLAN-73 Hibernate query exceeds Oracle SQL limitations for IN clauses
  • ITERAPLAN-74 Hibernate/EhCache should respect active datasource and not mix up database contents
  • ITERAPLAN-76 Bulk Delete of hierarchical elements fails: LazyInitException
  • ITERAPLAN-78 Excel import of attributes for interfaces does not work properly
  • ITERAPLAN-81 Enum Attribute detail description texts are not properly escaped for JavaScript
  • ITERAPLAN-82 Enum attribute value descriptions cannot be edited
  • ITERAPLAN-92 Error page when loading saved landscape diagrams under special circumstances
  • ITERAPLAN-94 Deleting users in iteraplan fails
  • ITERAPLAN-98 Improve saving of the BusinessMappings --> enhanced validation to prevent DB corruption
  • ITERAPLAN-105 Criteria Filtering on overview pages applies too strict date ranges and omits legitimate search results
  • ITERAPLAN-119 Respect user's permissions when rendering Dashboard views
  • ITERAPLAN-122 Permission denied: cannot execute a saved cluster diagram query defined by me
  • ITERAPLAN-123 Error page when switching back and forth between configuration steps of graphical reports, in case the query returns a high number of elements
  • ITERAPLAN-131 Opening information flow diagram results in error
  • ITERAPLAN-143 Spreadsheet report ignore attribute group permissions
  • ITERAPLAN-161 Correct default behaviour and wrong/unclear description of LandscapeDiagram option - Strict BusinessMapping
  • ITERAPLAN-171 New release / Copy Information System fails with error page, but semi-initialized copy is created

Milestone releases 


Please note, that releases marked as a milestone are not fully-blown iteraplan releases. We might build milestones from time to time to demonstrate certain improvements and new features on the way to an regular iteraplan release. Not all features are completed in a milestone release, so we welcome your feedback especially for milestones.

Milestones aren't intended for production use. Migrating from or to a milestone release isn't covered by any iteraplan support contract.

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