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The iteraplan Distrigation feature is available with some diagrams in the new interactive client. The respective diagram user guide section will refer to this section, if distrigation is available with that diagram. The name Distrigation is an portmanteau word build from "distribution" and "aggregation".

For configuring the aggregation and distribution use hierarchy level filter dialog:

When configuring diagrams and a hierarchy filter is set, iteraplan's Distrigation feature will simulate relationships. Whenever a hierarchy filter masks out certain elements, their relations to elements of other building block types would be lost. In that case important ralationship information would not be displayed in the diagram. With the Distrigation feature relations are distributed resp. aggregated from elements in masked hierarchy levels to the "nearest" non-masked element.

This relationship distrigation has an effect only the currently displayed diagram, no relations are actively created in the underlying data. Distrigation makes it easier to manage EA data in iteraplan, as less relationships have to be created.

Initial Situation 

Consider the following elements and relations:

Three business processes (Management, Planning an Accounting) are each related to one Information System (SAP, SAP Controlling or SAP Finance). The three Information Systems are hierarchical ordered.

No Filter, No Distrigation

If no filter is active, all elements are displayed as in the initial situation in the underlying data.

Filter on Hierarchy Level 1, Aggregation Upwards

If the elements are filtered to hierarchy level 1, the elements with level 2 are masked out (SAP Controlling and SAP Finance)

The relations from these elements are aggregated upwards to their parent element (SAP).

In this case, the element SAP appears to be connected with all three Business Process elements.

The aggregation is an automatic side-effect of the hierarchy filter setting.

Filter on Hierarchy Level 2, Distribution Downwards

If the elements are filtered to the hierarchy level 2, the element with hierarchy level 1 (SAP) is masked out.

The relations from this element is distributed downwards to its children (SAP Controlling and SAP Finance).

In this case, the elements SAP Controlling and SAP Finance both appear to be connected with the Business Process element Management.

The distribution is an automatic side-effect of the hierarchy filter setting.



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